Our Unique Approach to OHS/HSE Compliance

Hi! We are Salient Health and Safety Inc. | OH&S Service Leaders

We're an Alberta-based provider of health and safety solutions that puts the needs of our clients first.

Founded by healthcare professionals, our unique value proposition lies in our commitment to helping companies create a safe working environment by providing innovative, custom-made safety solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

We strive to empower businesses with an unbeatable combination of comprehensive service, cutting-edge OH&S tools, and data-driven insights.

Our mission is to ensure better occupational health and safety for workers across Alberta through smart OH&S processes and sound training that improves overall business performance and reduces risk for owners.

Our vision is a future workplace where organizations can trust all their employees will be able to work safely, and productively, and create maximum value from their tasks while being free from any potential risks or hazards at hand.

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Why Choose Salient?

Let us help you focus on building your business by handling your safety needs.

We are seasoned experts who understand the complexities of safety requirements in all industries while maintaining compliance in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Rest assured that with us on board, your business operations will progress without compromising the welfare of your employees and stakeholders.

Health and Safety Consulting At Work

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our service guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. Your trust is paramount, and our guarantee underscores our dedication to exceptional service for your peace of mind.

Specialists, Not Generalists

As healthcare and human services safety specialists we excel in this industry. We blend deep regulatory knowledge with innovative solutions, crafted by a seasoned team with extensive experience.

Timely Results

Our company swiftly implements safety programs through a streamlined approach. We quickly assess your needs, design tailored protocols, and leverage technology for rapid integration.

Keenan Geiger - Founder/Owner

Keenan Geiger, CD, MBA, CRSP

Meet Keenan Geiger | Owner & Principal Consultant

Meet Keenan Geiger, a passionate safety professional and 13-year military veteran. With over a decade in health and safety, Keenan is a proven leader and innovator in creating effective programs prioritizing individual well-being.

Co-founder of Salient, Keenan previously administered health and safety for Canada’s largest private radiology company. His role involved overseeing comprehensive training and protocols for employee, patient, and contractor safety. This highlights his unwavering dedication and expertise in fostering a health and safety culture.

Educationally, Keenan holds a B.Mgt in Human Resources Management, an MBA, and an OHS diploma. As a board-certified CRSP, he combines human understanding with technical proficiency in program creation.

From preventive measures to crisis response, Keenan leads by example, showcasing dedication to health and safety in every aspect of his work. Through passion, determination, and diligence, he brings positive changes that impact lives.

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